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The Hosts-inator

Terrible hosts file generator mostly for personal use.

Quick Start

How To Use

URLs for my lists follow this format:<list>/<format>

The following <format>s are available:

  • domains: Big list of domains
  • hosts: Hosts-formatted list, using prefix
  • hosts.optimized: Same as above, but with 9 hosts per line. Cuts down on file size but might not work with some systems.


Set <list> to base:<format>

base is the main list, and should always be installed. All the other extension lists are de-duplicated with base (and with other extensions).


Available extensions are:

  • [+android]: Android/mobile specific domains.
  • [+converted]: EasyList and co, that are available in more effective formats in browsers. Converted to the "list of domains" format, but the more effective versions should be preferred.
  • [+tiktok]: Block any access to TikTok. Recommended
  • [+turkish]: Lists for Turkish websites
  • [+windows]: Lists for Windows stuff. Blocks MS telemetry, but also Windows-exclusive programs, and all that.


You'll need a POSIX compatible environment and curl. You will probably also want node, otherwise some parts might be painfully slow.

Then, run ./ Your files are now in ./out


  • ./whitelist MUST be sorted, otherwise comm will probably complain.
  • All domains available at
    • Using this isn't recommended as it's just a side-effect of the build process. Here just in case it's useful.