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A Discord bot. It's used for moderating, music and other stuff

##Add to your server

  1. Go to (or to for the test version that only gets online when i'm testing it)
  2. Select your server
  3. Configure bot
  4. Profit!

##Installation (Requires Python 3)

  1. Clone repo
  2. pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  3. Copy config_template.yml as config.yml and edit it to your liking
  4. Install the following
  • ffmpeg
  • libopus
  1. Configure your Discord group
  2. python3

##Commands Do !help in your server while the bot is running.

##Configuration You can configure the bot using the !conf <key> <value> command. The keys and defaults can be found here. Lists are seperated using commas (without spaces) (ex. !conf admin_roles Admin,Moderator,Developer)

You can also disable these extra "commands" to disable certain functions:
  • _welcomes: Disables the welcome messages
  • _modlog: Disables moderator log, which will only work if there is a #mod-log channel on your server.